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Introducing the Five Star, Higher Standards Brand.

HomeLife Realty Services Inc. is guided by an unwavering commitment to providing a 5 Star Higher Standards level of real estate service to the world.  Founded by industry leader and industry disruptor, Andrew Cimerman: HomeLife has grown to become the largest Canadian-owned real estate franchise and continues to rapidly expand internationally.  No matter the growth, success and milestones achieved, HomeLife continues to transcend industry norms and the status quo.  In an ever-changing real estate market, HomeLife’s focus has remained the same: a constant commitment & focus to providing Five Star Higher Standards customer service at all times. 


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? With opportunities for partnerships and franchise growth in Canada, United States and Internationally, there is no limit to growth when it comes to HomeLife.

Mission, Vision & Values.

For over 35 years, our mission has remained the same.  HomeLife is committed to setting the standard of Five Star, Higher Standards real estate service throughout the world.  Synonymous with both quality and refinement, HomeLife blends tradition with innovation while fostering the entrepreneurial spirit through the development of personal growth.



Our mission maintains the legacy of the HomeLife Five Star, Higher Standards brand while successfully moving it into the future. Driven by a passionate commitment to client service and community involvement, it is our priority to continue to be an industry leader and innovator. HomeLife’s continued goal is to provide our Franchisees, Network, Home Buying and Home Selling Clients with the Highest Standards of Five Star real estate services in the world!


HomeLife is committed to setting the standard of Five Star, Higher Standards real estate service
HomeLife Realty Services Inc. provides a Five Star Higher Standards level of real estate service

Five Star, Higher Standards.

Founded by Andrew Cimerman, HomeLife’s mission has remained the same since day one: a passionate commitment to Five Star, Higher Standards real estate service.


At HomeLife, we believe in treating everyone we meet the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Whether you are a Franchisee, a Broker & Agent or a valued Homebuyer or Homeseller; HomeLife believes our purpose is to create impressions that will last for a lifetime. In short, our focus is customer service, we believe in Five Star, Higher Standards service at all times. 


It comes from our belief that life is richer when we truly connect to the people and the world around us. We believe that our past, present and future success is based on our pledge and commitment to Five Star, Higher Standards service. 

Global Expansion.

Independently owned and operated since 1985, HomeLife is the LARGEST Canadian-owned real estate franchise.  Rapidly expanding internationally, the focuses of the brand remains the same, with a focus and commitment to 5 Star, Higher Standards real estate service at all times. 



Never burdened by a corporate debt of legacy costs, nor reliant on investors, shareholders or foreign government investments has allowed HomeLife to operate freely and remain profitable with consistent growth over the past 35 years.  As HomeLife looks to the future, we continue to focus and navigate our growth and continued success based on the needs of the organization and our valued Network. Not on the needs of investors or shareholders. 


HomeLife is the LARGEST Canadian-owned real estate franchise
Wealth Building and Wealth Sharing with HomeLife Realty Services Inc.

Wealth Building & Wealth Sharing.

It’s time you work with a company that is as committed to your financial well-being as you are. HomeLife is a brand that is synonymous with professionalism, elegance and creativity; driven by education and innovation, and focused on transcending expectations & industry norms.


Through our innovative and prosperous wealth building & wealth sharing initiatives, HomeLife empowers you to achieve financial freedom and generate wealth beyond your dreams!

Setting the Benchmark of
Five Star, Higher Standards
Real Estate Service Across the World.

HomeLife Realty Services Inc. provides a Higher Standards of real estate service

Led by Higher

HomeLife’s Corporate Team is a highly driven, enthusiastic group of seasoned professionals who believe in the mission & vision of HomeLife and our ability to change people’s lives through opportunities all over the world.

Homelife University

Education &

Our revolutionary, proprietary online technology & training platforms will grant you access to development resources, business plans, marketing support, and more to ensure you have the tools to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Jerome the Gnome

Committed to

HomeLife is committed to giving back to the community. Our honoured and trusted leader in this pursuit is Jerome the Gnome, who is HomeLife’s ambassador to family, community, fun and entertainment.

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