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The Five Star, Higher Standards Brand.

The HomeLife™ Higher Standards logo is an industry leading symbol of excellence that you will be proud to display. It represents luxury, leadership, and expertise, communicating to consumers that the service they are about to receive from a HomeLife Member is of the highest quality. With HomeLife, Clients will be treated to an experience not found anywhere else in real estate. A great deal of science, thought, and care has been put into the development of our logo. Start with the colours: green and gold. The science of colour has been a key factor in the evolution of the HomeLife logo. Green is synonymous with growth, with prosperity, the calmness of nature, and of course, financial wealth. These attributes are laced with gold, the universal colour of optimism, luxury, and great
success. Together, our green and gold form a beautiful and powerful logo. That is the foundation for the HomeLife brand.

What’s in a Slogan?

The mission of the HomeLife™ is to provide our Franchisees, Network & their Clients with the highest standard of FIVE STAR real estate services in the world.  These values are further reflected in our slogan: Higher Standards. The commitment to going above and beyond the call of service is what every HomeLife Member lives by. The phrase rests underneath the company name to underscore the importance of Higher Standards supporting the entire organization, and lifting us up to be a FIVE STAR company.

HomeLife is a world-class brand with a rich history of success.


The Higher Standards logo has been carefully designed to show off the values of all our Members, and give you a strong starting point to make your own mark in the industry. As you grow, it is crucial that you make the HomeLife Higher Standards logo an integral part of your business identity to continue to build on a tradition of success.

Our Guiding

Designed with care and built to last, the HomeLife logo is purposefully designed to emulate the qualities behind the Higher Standards we uphold.

  • Quality: A commitment to the highest level of customer service and representation
  • Credibility: To provide Higher Standards education and training to ensure a higher level of service.
  • Relevancy: Execeeding expectations for 5 STAR service at all times.
  • Appeal: To constantly strive for innovative, elegant & impactful in aesthetic and design.

HomeLife™ RISING STAR Higher Standards Certified.

The HomeLife RISING STAR Higher Standards Certified branding is reserved for those Members who
have earned their Higher Standards Service Certification, completing the required training through
HomeLife University™ and conducting themselves with distinction. A natural extension of the Standard
HomeLife logo, the RISING STAR Higher Standards Certified emblem features a shooting star across
the main logo, signifying the upward movement of the Member’s career toward FIVE STAR status.

The HomeLife RISING STAR Higher Standards Certified branding
HomeLife™ FIVE STAR Higher Standards

HomeLife™ FIVE STAR Higher Standards.

Reserved for only the most elite Members, the exclusive HomeLife FIVE STAR Higher Standards logo is the ultimate symbol of success in real estate. A green star beautifully wrapped in brushed gold, the logo is both traditional and forward-thinking, familiar but thought-provoking. The Star’s five points represent the five key values every FIVE STAR Certified Member embodies: 


• Passion 

• Professionalism 

• Luxury 

• Certified Service 

• Higher Standards 


 The HomeLife FIVE STAR Higher Standards logo is for those who are in a class all their own with a logo they can wear proudly and with distinction.

Jerome the Gnome.

Jerome the Gnome is the international goodwill ambassador of community, family, and fun for HomeLife. A magical being, he loves to interact with HomeLife Members and the public alike. Jerome has been specially designed in a number of situations, scenarios, and activities to capture the magic of his free spirit

Jerome the Gnome
HomeLife University

HomeLife University.

HomeLife University™ is a core component of the HomeLife brand ensuring Members’ success. To demonstrate our dedication to the continuing studies of HomeLife Members, the HomeLife University™ logo is crafted in the tradition of long-standing educational institutions while maintaining consistency with the larger HomeLife brand. 

Income for Life. 

The Income For Life™ program logo is provided to all HomeLife™ Brokers/Owners specifically for use
in promoting the systems, services, and tools they offer, and for the recruiting and retention of Agents and Brokers. Brokers/Owners may use this logo on office websites and collateral materials. The golden coin invokes the prestige of the brand along with the freedom of additional currency Members may receive by taking advantage of the program.

HomeLife Referral Opportunities
HomeLife Commercial Real Estate

HomeLife Commercial Real Estate.

The HomeLife Commercial Real Estate™ logo highlights HomeLife’s push into commercial markets.
Featuring symmetrical, stylized skyscrapers, the structures build until forming an “H” in the centre of the
logo. Beneath the emblem lies the brand name, laying out the distinction between this and residential

HomeLife Luxury Properties.

A HomeLife Luxury property is an exceptional property in every sense of the word. From its character to its condition to its value to other properties within the community. In order to market homes of this caliber, the messaging materials must rise of that same level of quality. It is for this reason that we have developed the simple but sophisticated stylings of the HomeLife Luxury Properties™ brand.

HomeLife Luxury Properties

HomeLife is building a 5 STAR Higher Standards World

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