HomeLife Realty Services Inc.

No One Treats You Like HomeLife.

At HomeLife, we believe that everyone deserves to know the comfort of home. To have a safe, comfortable retreat from the world that can be shared with family and friends.


HomeLife was founded in 1985 in Toronto, Canada with the intention and desire to help people achieve this pinnacle and important milestone in life.

In fact, the name HomeLife was chosen as it embodied the goal of bringing a home into everyone’s life.


The journey towards homeownership represents the single largest financial investment that most people will make in their lives. We believe that customer service needs to be the bedrock of each and every transaction. We also believe that a 5 Star, Higher Standard of real estate customer service should not be indicative of a price point. In short, we believe that luxury service should not be a luxury. It is these guiding principles and goals that over the past 35 years HomeLife has not only flourished but has also become an industry leader and trendsetter and continues to focus on setting the benchmark for 5 Star, Higher Standards in real estate across the world.

Mission, Vision & Values.

Founded in 1985, HomeLife Realty Services Inc. has grown to become the world’s largest Canadian-owned real estate franchisor.  This achievement is rooted in our pledge & commitment to providing 5 Star Higher Standards customer service at all times. 


The mission of HomeLife™ is to provide our Franchisees, Network & their Clients with the highest standard of FIVE STAR real estate services in the world. Driven by a passionate commitment to client service and community involvement, it is our priority to be an industry leader and innovator.

Our Guiding Pillars.

Designed with care and built to last, the guiding pillars of HomeLife are purposefully composed to reflect the qualities behind the 5 Star, Higher Standards we uphold.


  • Quality: A commitment to the highest level of customer service and representation
  • Credibility: To provide Higher Standards Training & Education ensuring a higher level of service.
  • Relevancy: Exceeding expectations for 5 STAR, Higher Standards real estate service at all times.
  • Appeal: To constantly strive for innovative, elegant & impactful aesthetics and design.

Our Leadership Team

It’s no secret that an organization is only as good as its leadership. Unfortunately for our competition,
we are led by the best Founder & CEO in the Industry, the rest of our team merely tries to keep up with the him.

40 Years of Award Winning Excellence.