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At HomeLife You Are A Part Of Something Bigger

When you become a part of the HomeLife Network, you become family.


HomeLife’s mission is to help everyone find their place in the world and have a safe, comfortable retreat that can be shared with family members. The company works hard on empowering its network of people so they are able to support meaningful causes right where it counts most – at home!


When it comes to family and community, we’re in good hands. That’s because our honoured leader is Jerome the Gnome®:

HomeLife’s Goodwill Ambassador to family, community and fun! 

HomeLife Realty Services Inc. provides a Higher Standards of real estate service

Led by Higher

HomeLife’s Corporate Team, is a highly driven, enthusiastic group of seasoned professionals who believe in the mission & vision of HomeLife and our ability to change people’s lives through opportunities all over the world

Homelife University

HomeLife University

HomeLife University is the premier provider of real estate education & training while providing real estate Brokers & Agents with top-quality, convenient career development resources that satisfy all their real estate educational needs.HomeLife’s commitment to its Franchisee’s & Agents’ education and career development is unmatched in the real estate industry, thanks to the leadership of the Dean of HomeLife University, Gabrielle Jeans.  

Jerome the Gnome

Committed to

HomeLife is committed to giving back to the community. Our honoured and trusted leader in this pursuit is Jerome the Gnome, who is HomeLife’s ambassador to family, community, fun and entertainment.

No Family Left Hungry

An integral part of the HomeLife culture is fostering the well-being of people in our communities. Sadly, many people struggle to obtain even life’s most necessities. That is why we founded the No Family Left Hungry program, encouraging HomeLife Network Members to become active in their communities by leading the charge to collect non-perishable food items and donate to local food banks. 

Together through the power of HomeLife, our incredible community of HomeLife Network Members can help ease the difficulties faced by struggling families throughout the world.

No Family Left Hungry

Jerome the Gnome.

HomeLife believes the spirit of childhood, with its curiosity and hope. HomeLife wants to help you bring out your inner child so that we can all be more imaginative in everything we do! That is where our friend and trusted Goodwill Ambassador, Jerome The Gnome comes into play. Jerome is a century-old gnome who has been known for spreading goodwill wherever he goes. With his heart made entirely from gold; there is no one better suited than him to be our Ambassador of Goodwill

Jerome the Gnome is HomeLife’s Goodwill Ambassador

Words from our Franchisors

The HomeLife Environmental Leadership Program

HomeLife H.E.L.P.

The Earth is our home, and it’s imperative that we take care of it for future generations. The HomeLife Environmental Leadership Program (HELP) helps all members in your community do just that– offering them the opportunity to give back by hosting environmentally friendly events while they become leaders within their area who are committed to preserving this beautiful planet called “Earth.”

No One Treats You Like HomeLife.

HomeLife Realty Services Inc.™ is guided by an unwavering commitment to providing a 5 Star Higher Standards™ level of real estate service to the world.  Founded by industry leader and industry disruptor, Andrew Cimerman: HomeLife has grown to become the largest Canadian-owned real estate franchise and continues to rapidly expand internationally.  No matter the growth, success and milestones achieved, HomeLife continues to transcend industry norms and the status quo.  In an ever-changing real estate market, HomeLife’s focus has remained the same: a constant commitment & focus to providing Five Star Higher Standards customer service at all times. 

HomeLife continues to rapidly expand internationally

Setting the benchmark of
5 Star Higher Standards
across the world.