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Global Growth & International Opportunities.

Independently owned and operated since 1985, HomeLife is the LARGEST Canadian-owned real estate franchise in the world.  Rapidly expanding internationally, the focuses of the brand remains the same, with a focus and commitment to Higher Standards real estate service at all times. 

Never burdened by a corporate debt of legacy costs, nor reliant on investors, shareholders or foreign government investments has allowed HomeLife to operate freely and remain profitable with consistent growth over the past 35 years.  As HomeLife looks to the future, we continue to focus and navigate our growth and continued success based on the needs of the organization and our valued Network. Not on the needs of investors or shareholders. 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? With opportunities to franchise in the United States, Canada, and Internationally, there is no limit to growth when it comes to HomeLife.

International Opportunities with LARGEST Canadian-owned real estate franchise in the world
Franchise opportunity of a lifetime with HomeLife Realty Services Inc.

Master Franchise & Franchise Opportunities.

HomeLife is proud to offer the franchise opportunity of a lifetime. If you are passionate about real estate and your career, HomeLife can offer you the keys to a future brighter than you would have ever thought possible.

We empower our Network Members to do great things. We’re looking for driven, career-driven professionals who believe in themselves and embody an enterprising spirit and a winning attitude.

With opportunities to franchise in the United States, Canada, and Internationally the there is no limit to growth when it comes to HomeLife.

Global Partnership Opportunities.

It’s time to expand and enhance your revenue streams through direct partnerships. We’re always on the lookout for talented partners to support our sales, marketing, product, and technology initiatives within our local, national and international markets.

HomeLife is a “game-changing” brand in the rapidly expanding global real estate marketplace. Our commitment to 5 Star, Higher Standards & brand-enabled model continues to inspire a new wave of thinking in the industry. We are always looking for daring and unconventional partnerships that are committed to elevating and revolutionizing the way people think of real estate.

Global Partnership Opportunities with Homelife
Referral Opportunities from franchise referrals to Broker/Agents referrals

Referral Opportunities.

At HomeLife relationships are important to us. 

With a robust referral program that offers opportunities for Wealth Building & Wealth Sharing referral partnerships that range from franchise referrals to Broker/Agents referrals.


Our program is not exclusive to real estate professionals, with opportunities for property management professionals, accountants, lawyers, business entrepreneurs as well as retired executives HomeLife’s unique referral program creates potential revenue-sharing systems.  We encourage and invite anyone in the world to explore these extraordinary money-making opportunities


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