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The Five Star, Higher Standards Brand.

For over 35 years, HomeLife has represented Five Star, Higher Standards service in real estate. Be it directly serving clients or helping our Franchisees and Agents do their jobs better, we’re a dedicated team of dreamers, doers, solvers, and helpers.


We believe that customer service needs to be the bedrock of each and every transaction. We also believe that a Higher Standard of customer service does not need to be indicative of a price point and luxury service should not be a luxury. It is these guiding principles and goals that over the past 35 years HomeLife has not only flourished, it has become an industry leader and trend setter and continues to focus on setting the benchmark for 5 STAR Higher Standards in real estate across the world.


HomeLife is thousands of talented agents backed by one trusted name

The Power of HomeLife.

HomeLife is the 5 Star, Higher Standards Brand™.  More than just our tagline, it’s a guiding philosophy and a call to action that colors everything we do at HomeLife.


HomeLife’s commitment and focus to providing the world with Five Star, Higher Standards real estate service has been the foundation on which we’ve built the world’s largest Canadian-owned real estate franchise. Through unforgettable print campaigns, a vibrant and inclusive approach to marketing, and a lot of smart storytelling, we’ve captured the hearts and earned the confidence of generations of Franchisees, Agents, Brokers as well as Home Buyers & Home Sellers.

Rebranded, Retuned & Renewed.

2020 was a year that united us all universally and a time that none of us will ever forget. 2020 was also the year that HomeLife had marked to focus on our rebranding initiative. 


When most companies would have hit pause and stayed the course of what was tried and true, Andrew Cimerman led the executive team and dove headfirst into the rebrand.  HomeLife has initiated a top-to-bottom redesign of the brand and a modernization of the brand from digital expressions to a new Corporate Head Office. No stone was left unturned: to capture the essence of the brand and propel HomeLife forward HomeLife has re-imagined, examined and retrofitted every inch of the HomeLife brand to ensure we are developing a finely curated, Five Star Higher Standards experience for our valued and honoured Network. 

Our Leadership Team

It’s no secret that an organization is only as good as its leadership. Unfortunately for our competition,
we are led by the best Founder & CEO in the Industry, the rest of our team merely tries to keep up with the him.

Franchise opportunity of a lifetime with HomeLife Realty Services Inc.

Results Driven & Purpose Built Marketing Support

At HomeLife we believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to your potential and possible success. We’re a team of real estate innovators aligned with a single goal: exceeding expectations.


Our marketing and communication team goes above and beyond to keep the HomeLife brand front and center in every market we serve.  Our commitment to elevating the HomeLife brand is the foundation to building lasting relationships with our Franchisees and Network members across Canada and around the world.  From traditional print campaigns to cutting-edge digital initiatives, it is our goal and intent to connect with Homebuyers and Homesellers on a deeper level.

Marketing that Inspires & Engages.

Our approach to marketing? It’s simple. Provide our Network with 5 Star, Higher Standards support. After all, we are developing and supporting the best Five Star Agents & Brokers in real estate.


That is why we’ve built a platform to empower our Network members to become top producers and industry leaders. The HomeLife Dashboard, our exclusive marketing center, is a dynamic hub of cutting-edge marketing, training & educational resources, connecting our Network members with virtual access to industry-leading marketing support, innovative technology, HomeLife University’s incredible educational and training sessions, in-depth tech training, and more. 

We are developing and supporting the best Five Star Agents and Brokers in real estate
The HomeLife marketing experience is focused on empowering Franchisees, Brokers and Agents

StreetWise & Market Smart

The HomeLife marketing experience is focused on empowering Franchisees, Brokers and Agents with innovative, purposeful marketing initiatives and collateral to elevate and grow their individual businesses.


Guided by that same philosophy, our franchisee suite of services offers purpose-built tools, learning resources, and marketing services to support our network in providing Five Star, Higher Standards real estate service. 


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